Web 2.0


Testing things out. Soon we will be adding a Google+ feed to the site to find a balance between the mundanity of Facebook and tech-minimalism of Twitter, as well as making for something that lets us share other people’s cool results, ideas, software, projects, and so on.

I’ve also updated the website considerably as I’m sure you can now see. The old one was fine, but busy in a way that made it look dated to me. What, after all, is the purpose of a research lab website - especially for a small program like mine? Make sure people can find information about what we do, who we are, what papers we have published, whether we are taking on new students or postdocs, and other announcements. The old one had more information than anybody ever really needs, or they can email to get more information.

I’ll be cleaning it up more in the coming weeks, and pondering the social media world. As I said, I learn a lot from colleagues on Twitter but it seems to be a quirky club: it can amplify the signal of some work, but is in general still not as visually grepable as the way information is organized in a browser app like G+. We’ll see.