Live CV

Live CV page, which you click on and can see the progress of my publications. I will work on adding a location that summarizes my funding sources.

In related news, I just submitted my first manuscript to
PeerJ today. It is tiny, it is just a mitochondrial genome being compared to another mitochondrial genome, and some basic analysis of molecular evolution at the cytochrome b gene across Scleractinian corals. It would be a significant paper 10 years ago; it will not be significant now, but it lets me complete something that got started and dropped and it makes some good use of expensive data. It may yet prove useful to somebody, and of course first we have to see what peer review thinks of it.
Just a note that I’ve decided the CV is dead. A bunch of pieces of paper stapled together, a big list of mostly irrelevant information to your needs. If you want to decide what my impact as a scientist is, it has nothing to do with the names of journals I have published in. It really doesn’t matter what university I’m at - or if I’m at a university at all. If I’m able to sell my ideas, I get grants. That funding helps me travel, collect data, support students. Those efforts let me answer questions. If my answers are useful, people will refer to those publications and data sets and continue the march of science.

As such, you don’t need a few pieces of paper stapled together to sift through. I have started my