It is frustrating to feel so impotent in the face of terrible political news every day. The Government shutdown fostered by our President and Senate Majority Leader is affecting many colleagues and friends right now, some of whom are applying for unemployment while their (our!) science suffers. I show up to work every day just trying to nudge a few facts forward, trying to get some of it out there for the world to know more. But, it can be hard to stay mindful of these goals, and the goals of my colleagues, when there is such turmoil caused by ignorance and greed.
To my colleagues in other nations, yes: we are worried. We are doing what we know how to do.

Happy new year...

I found just enough downtime to update the lab website a bit. Had to update the OS on my desktop computer, which seems to have monkeyed with the old version of RapidWeaver I was using, and once I updated that it helped me learn about some other ways to improve the site. I don't as often post to the blog page but hope to do so more often - in particular, there are times when there are issues relevant to the lab that just can't be encapsulated on Twitter or something as perfunctory as a CV. Hope y'all have a happy new year, with good changes on the horizon.