Finally updating this… the lab used to have a variety of lab and informatics methods listed on this page, but they got jumbled and out of date so starting over. If you need some of our standard daily protocols (probably only if you are me, and this site is the only place you can find them because your lab notebook is messy), they are here.

Interested in barnacles?

New to bioinformatics? Here is a nice introduction thanks to Melissa Wilson Sayres.

Big Data You May Be Looking For

All RNA sequence data from Chandler & Wares (2017)

Old Web Resources

From 2010 until recently I've maintained some course and other web resources on an OS X Wiki server. The age of the machine, and Apple no longer supporting that software, means I am moving some of those sites to static versions thanks to the SiteFetcher application. May work better in some browsers than others….

First-Year Odyssey course, Fall 2015: MONSTERS! (Still experimenting, seems a lot of attached documents/PDFs did not come through this way…. Original site while it still works

Evolution GENE 3000H, Fall 2012: Evolution and Climate Change in the Oceans ….. original site while it still works