Molecular Ecology


That is just me fooling around with what words fall out of my CV. I guess I work on evolutionary ecology. Or molecular ecology. Or molecular evolution. No surprise there.

All I really know right now is that teaching these subjects is hard. I’m completely focused on writing lectures and writing exams and figuring out grading schemes and trying to be fair but challenging and interesting…..I’m exhausted. I gave a terrible exam yesterday - too long, or too difficult, I haven’t yet determined. But that erodes a lot of confidence that I was trying to build up with the students in evolutionary biology. That along with a string of days in which there is a committee meeting every day, a (successful and good) qualifying exam for Wares lab member Katie Bockrath, dissertation defense yesterday….’tis the season for meetings and examinations, I guess.

Anyway I’m just recognizing that I wish I had the right answers to how to handle all these things, but a lot of the time I don’t.