Friday Friday

OK, so this has to do with the final push of getting the class ready for Friday Harbor. Morgan and I only netted 6 students this year - so I don't know what that means for the long-term scope of this class. But still, a lot of quality time to be given to the 6 students, a lot of lectures, pulling reagents and equipment lists together, figuring out logistics and tides and vehicles and housing and field guides and ….

But it is Friday. Yesterday I pulled together a manuscript for a colleague for whom English is a second language; it will be submitted before I go. Today I finished a grant proposal draft that isn't due for a while, but my colleague and I are both going to be away most of the summer so we are kicking that around. Edits on another manuscript earlier this week. Meetings with teachers at school.

But it is Friday. So much still to do.

But it is Friday. The building is so quiet.

It is Friday.

I might not get more done today.