In the absence of a strong statement from the UGA President regarding the recent election, and more importantly the implications for bigotry in our society, I just have to say something on this blog - my tiny forum.

(was that a comma splice?)

I hope it is evident from the fact that of my 9 graduate students to date, 7 have been women; that when you look at the undergraduate researchers in my lab, and including the 2 women in the lab now (one starts in January) there have been 18 that have made substantial contribution to the lab's mission and 14 of those are women (and 3 people of color); that when you look at the postdocs in the lab we have had only two white males out of 5…. well, a lab that studies diversity as its index of interest has done OK in terms of having a diverse group of researchers.

I hope it is evident that we interact with folks from all faiths, all races, colors, creeds. I hope it is evident that a study of diversity on this planet, whether it be of barnacles, seastars, fishes, or folk music, requires that we be open to what that diversity means.

It shouldn't be necessary, but I want to be clear: everybody is welcome to learn what we have to pass along in the Wares Lab.