Finally :)


Ten years ago, Sabrina Pankey started working with me at UC Davis on a project to explore genetic diversity in the beautiful Pacific seastar Pisaster ochraceus. That work got the cover of The Biological Bulletin in 2006, and she came to Georgia to work in my lab as a technician. In her two years here, she got a publication on barnacle phylogenetics as well as a really nice Journal of Evolutionary Biology paper on overdominant marker diversity in Pisaster. She left a great legacy of hard work and fun play in my lab, and went on to work with Todd Oakley at UCSB. She’s done alright in that time: last year when I lectured “Intro Evolution” I used a text that included a few figures from her work with Todd (showing you how generally awesome that work is considered), and she has already set a general course of awesomeness in her career. I’m writing this little post not just to applaud Sabrina for that work, but I’ve found out she is defending her Ph.D. today! Congratulations Sabrina!