I have been posting sporadically in part because twitter now takes up a lot of my bandwidth, but also because of some glitches involved in the transfer of this site from using an older version of RapidWeaver. As with any software, sometimes there are issues that need attention, but I have to say - I get complements on this site (its OK if you don't agree) and in large part I credit RapidWeaver for making it easy. So, I changed the little c-in-a-circle date down at the bottom of the screen to 2016 and we are ready to move forward!

What's new? Let's see, everything. From a postdoc and 2 finishing grad students a few months ago, to a 1st-year grad, two freshmen, a sophomore, two seniors - a lot of new things happening in the lab, and a lot of new people involved. At some point I will catch up with more photos of people, I assure you.

What else? I have resigned as graduate coordinator. It is a very meaningful and important position to me, and I just couldn't bring the energy that it deserved anymore. I will serve up until the day I get on a plane to teach at Friday Harbor this summer….


… where I will be teaching with Morgan Kelly as well as (hopefully) trying out some small experiments to move further with the work shown here. Let me know what you think about that….the idea is that variation at a single locus in the Pisaster ochraceus genome may be linked to some important function that seems to limit the effects of the virus that causes seastar wasting disease. I will keep you updated as this paper moves through peer review.

As much as anything, just trying to keep all the balls juggled in the air successfully. This website is one of them, and glad to have things fully functional again. Ciao!