Summer is here so there isn’t a ton to report. I’m the new Graduate Coordinator, so have to think of new ways to bug the students! One thing that we try to bug our students about is their statistics background. I promise you, whoever you are reading this, that if you are still in the formative years of your career - or even if you are old like me - you’ll probably be better off if you understand statistics and probabilities a little bit better. If nothing else, you’ll be able to interpret political polls better, and will do better when you visit Vegas. But in the meantime, old friend and colleague Alisha Holloway recently posted this from a bioinformatician’s blog, and it summarizes what I’m talking about better than I can....

(xkcd, of course)

Oh, one bit of newsworthy lab-ness. We finished the BeadXPress run with the 5th plate about 6 months past its “expiration date”. We were nervous as to whether this date was just CYA by Illumina or if the reagents really would decay, but it turns out that our genotype rate was just fine on the last plate so Christina is set to finish her dissertation soon!

Also, I don’t know why the style is messed up on my website. Will fix.... someday.