Off My Chest

Following last post, a new toy in R and R Markdown. I've been playing with scripts written by Francois Michonneau for the Open Tree of Life initiative, and at the same time getting ready to recognize that January 2015 will be my lab's 10th anniversary. We have come a long way! As an initial idea for a lab shirt, I proposed doing something that showed our recent super-nerd status working with R as well as something that recognizes the vast biodiversity that the lab has covered in 10 years. Below is the HTML output from the R Markdown script, which includes the script and the output tree for all the Orders we have worked on!


Excellent, interesting, fun code? You bet! Terrible to put tiny letters that are hyper nerdy on the front of our lab T-shirts! You bet! The name tag effect seems like it should be avoided! Still, if you grab the code from the screenshot (or want me to send it to you), you will probably really enjoy seeing what tree data are already out there.