I'm pleased to announce that a portion of me - in payroll terms - is now happily part of the Odum School of Ecology, the building next door to where my lab is in the Department of Genetics, at the University of Georgia. As I have spent 10 years at the University of Georgia, I think it could easily be said that I have spent my time training others in their careers, and figuring out where my career itself is going. While I know my way around genotypic data, and teach evolutionary biology, and know the bioinformatic tools for transcriptomics, my collaborators are not other geneticists - they are other zoologists, oceanographers, and ecologists. The work that has happened in my lab has included studying diet in isopods, the distribution of subspecies, thermal tolerances, comparisons of genetic and species diversity, population delimitations, modeling of dispersal polymorphisms, gene flow and marker development, metapopulation dynamics, diversity interactions with diet restriction, phylogeny, diversity of coral reefs, the distribution of barnacle species and sexes of individuals within those species, interactions of species, interactions of cells, biogeography .... I have no problem calling myself an ecologist as well as evolutionary biologist. I'll wear that badge proudly as well.