About Us

We are an association of biodiversity scholars at the University of Georgia with affiliations spanning the Department of Genetics, the Odum School of Ecology, and the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Science in this lab includes the genetic diversity and identification of natural populations, molecular systematics, exploration of life history evolution and molecular ecology, and biogeography. Often our work deals with aquatic or marine populations, but diversity of all types are welcome!

The image above is of Dr. Katie Bockrath, now a scientist with U.S. Fish & Wildlife, sampling fish (and freshwater mussels) from Line Creek in central Georgia. Follow this link for more information on folks who are in or formerly in the lab.

Recent Work

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Thinking about grad school?

Please see this page for the current likelihood of new students joining the lab, though I have to say the lab has grown spectacularly in years when that page suggests it will not!